Our Product

Organizer improves how organizations connect with and influence their communities by providing a streamlined solution for person-to-person outreach. We provide a cloud-based mobile solution that replaces the effort, uncertainty, and complexity of clipboards and paper with a real-time smartphone app.

One of a Kind Tools

At Organizer, we design with you in mind. With intuitive interfaces and accessible features, any team can get up and running in minutes.

  • Results


    Track productivity by worker and team

  • Power Dialer

    Power Dialer

    Perform more powerful outreach with integrated calling

  • Hotspot


    Break free of purchased lists and create new contacts instantly

  • Survey


    Make every contact actionable with our in-field nurturing tools

  • Geolocate


    Track Results in real time for accountable teamwork

How it Works

Data source

We believe that your outreach deserves to reach people. That’s why we build tools to make field work simple, streamlined, and powerful.

Want to learn more about Organizer?

Contact us at sales@organizer.com to schedule a demo. We will show you the possibilities of our products at no obligation.

“The GPS accountability alone saves each of my regional solar sales offices dozens of man hours and thousands of dollars daily. I Can't imagine a multi-region launch without it.”

- Maceo Brown, Embark Solar

“The most impressive application I’ve heard about in this election cycle”

Greg Chase, SAP Business Solutions

“Organizer puts us in contact with the cares and concerns of 15 million donors and supporters across the northeast, in realtime, allowing us to turn those feelings into an electoral difference for working people. That’s what ‘data-driven’ is all about.”

-Lia Schallert, Rebecca Kaplan for Mayor

“Not only do we get to monitor the performance of our field staff and make adjustments while they’re still on their turfs, but we have the confidence to report results accurately to the client. This helps build trust in both us and the data.”

Frank Rizzo, Five Corners Strategies

"Organizer was all the best management tools streamlined into one app. I loved it. It helped us successfully launch our startup in a new market, and build our database from the field with every new interaction"

Zach Bernstein, Program Manager at Spotpog

“My favorite feature was the logic mapping on the survey questions. It helped our canvassers stay on script and ensured the validity of our data. Our only complaint is that we didn't get Organizer sooner!”

Jessica Lovejoy, Campaign Manager, Re-elect Supervisor Malia Cohen 2014

“Through our 2014 member outreach program, Local 89 successfully beat back right-to-work in Kentucky. This victory would not have been possible without Organizer and the Organizer Team."

-Lia Schallert, Rebecca Kaplan for Mayor

“I’ve been waiting a year and a half to use this technology and it did not disappoint. Without the detailed data, scripting and realtime accountability I’m confident we would not have won by a field margin in our recent election.”

Dennis Raj, South Bay Labor Council

“Organizer made collecting data so much easier and the overwhelming majority of volunteers preferred using Organizer above anything else”

Lia Schallert, Rebecca Kaplan for Mayor