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Organizer will always be learning about what drives civic participation, and we have guiding data and security principles for this work:


Human beings are what we care about the most, and you are more than the sum of your data. 


You are you. How do we know? It’s complicated, and we will explain it. 


Technology changes, and you change alongside it. Privacy today isn’t privacy tomorrow. We commit to changing with you. 


There are types of data about people that are sensitive, and we won’t touch that. That includes your health, your credit history, who you love, and mistakes you’ve made. And we’ll always think about what else might concern you.


Our data is your data. The power to delete, correct, restrict, or access a report is yours. If data belongs to someone else, we’ll point you in the right direction.


An organization’s list of advocates or members is theirs. We will never sell it. We will never share it. Unless the organization wants us to share it.


Organizing is local. Precise location data is powerful. Share it only when you want.

We might make mistakes, but we will always try to do right by you. 

Don’t like what we’re doing? Reach out to us. A human will always be on the other side to hear or read what you have to say. 

We maintain the highest standards of privacy and security because we know your data is important to your work toward a more equitable future. The Organizer platform undergoes penetration testing, third-party security reviews, and encrypts your data everywhere. 

To learn more about how we approach data and privacy, please check out our Readable Privacy Policy and Readable Terms of Service for Users.

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