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We believe there’s a better way. 
That's why we're building Organizer.

The platform to mobilize communities

When organizers and advocates launch campaigns, they’ve come to expect that their data won’t quite fit into their tools. Their data has untapped power that the tools weren’t built to make use of. 

This means that organizers can’t leverage their data to its potential, so they do what organizers do best: they make it work, anyway.

Organizer aims to make it simpler for users to plan and execute campaigns at scale, based on an even more sophisticated understanding of individuals and their relationships and communities. 

Organizer will help organizers leverage whatever data they have in concert with our proprietary dataset. Our data and tools are natively and delightfully integrated. 

This means that your team can focus on people, messages, and relationships, rather than wrestling with channels and data.

Outreach tools that help you integrate a range of communication channels

audience seg.png

Audience segmentation enabling flexible community definition and analysis 

CRM to manage your data: profiles, segments, imports, and lists


New information coming soon in 2023!

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