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Win in the field with Organizer.

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Real-time results, accountability in the field and instant data capture.
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How It Works

Web Management Console

Run smarter, data-driven Efforts and campaign with clarity. Track canvasser activity with the GPS locator and receive real-time results and actionable insights. Cut your screen time - save hours with zero data re-entry.


All information transfered between the Canvassing App and Management Console is synched and stored on the cloud so that all your efforts are readily accessible.

Mobile Canvass App

Designed for ultimate ease of use, the Organizer mobile app enables more engaged, effective canvassing and calling. Make every interaction count, with instant data capture for increased accuracy and immediate reporting.

Web Management Console, Mobile Canvas App
Real-Time Results

Real-Time Results

Get live updates delivered directly to you as they happen.

Team Accountability

Team Accountability

Track canvasser locations for more effective, efficient work in the field.

Instant Data Capture

Instant Data Capture

Stop printing lists and re-entering data. Start saving time.

Custom Surveys

Custom Surveys

Create highly customizable surveys. No more paper, just great data.

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We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and swift customer service. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on our fantastic Organizer Support Desk please email us or call us at 877-720-7202

Our goal is to make Organizer work for you, whatever the scope of your campaign. We tailor affordable packages for organizations of all sizes. Contact us and let’s start the conversation.

In less than a day, you can be up and running with Organizer - it’s that easy. To get started, you’ll need your login credentials to access the campaign manager interface, and you simply download the mobile app. Our team of highly experienced Organizers provide full support how best to use the technology.

Absolutely. Anyone who has a list of people they want to persuade, inform, or survey can use Organizer. Contact us and we'll have you take it for a spin.

If you have an up-to-date Android or iOS device, you're good to go (this includes both smartphones and tablets). We also lease devices (both tablets and smartphones). Learn more about the great options available here.

We are completely data-agnostic and work well with all data back-ends. We have unlimited custom fields, so you can simply upload a file into Organizer and filter by any attributes available in your file.

Yes, we currently integrate with NationBuilder and Catalist, and will be integrating with other CRMs and political data providers in the near future. Please contact us for more information on custom integration options.

Yes, the mobile app works offline and data will sync automatically when you return to a data or wifi connection.

Yes. The mobile app can be translated into any language - ideal for diversity outreach or international canvassing.

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The Organizers

At every single stage of our business, we are about starting conversations that inspire change.

It begins with us. From lunchtime discussions around our communal table, to developer meetings in which everyone has a say. From interacting with our communities, to working with political groups who have dedicated their lives to driving positive action. From helping companies kick the tires on their next big idea, to enabling organizations to turn ‘Maybe?’ into ‘Yes!’

Organizer is so much more than a start-up. We are forward-thinking and inherently curious. We are an international democracy of ideas. We make ‘better’ happen. We are Organizer.